Review of the year 2019 20DEC

Review of the year 2019

An active and eventful year is slowly drawing to a close. The numerous highlights of the Industry Business Network 4.0 include the open source initiative IndustryFusion, which was presented at the community event in Bad Wörishofen, and the lighthouse project "Smart Factory @ stürmsfs". By the end of the year, the association has also reached an impressive membership of 50 companies.

"We are very pleased about this dynamic development and are convinced that we will be able to welcome many more innovative members to our association in the coming year. Through our joint strong voice of the middle class our activities for digital transformation are finding more and more approval and supporters," says Igor Mikulina, Chairman of IBN 4.0. The growing number of members simultaneously requires professionalization and structuring of the systems for organization and communication in the background. The association has already begun to do this this year (CRM and e-mail system, online conference tool for members' meetings) and will continue to do so in the following year in order to ensure the best possible flow of information and networking with and among members.

Based on the preliminary work carried out, the year 2020 will be dominated by the implementation of machine connections, references, software applications and platforms, so that the highlights as well as future business models of cross-manufacturer open networking can be presented at the EuroBLECH trade fair.

The entire board of the IBN 4.0 is looking forward to further joint work in 2020!