New member: 6PAC Consulting AG 5OCT

New member: 6PAC Consulting AG

6PAC Consulting AG enriches the IndustryFusion Foundation with its expertise in change and project management. For more than 20 years, 6PAC has been supporting companies in digital and cultural change. In doing so, 6PAC puts people at the center of all considerations regarding value creation through digitalization.

Through its mission statement Change and Adapt 6PAC AG offers the framework for a holistic coverage of transformation processes. Whether as a direct Companion in a project or as Knowledge Mediator for business leaders and their employees - 6PAC clears the way for innovative change.

"We are looking forward to a close cooperation with 6PAC Consulting AG as experts for change and project management! With 6PAC Consulting AG, we have an Business enabler who brings technology and people together and supports us in achieving our foundation goal," says Igor Mikulina, President of the IndustryFusion Foundation Board.