Meeting of the technology partners 27FEB

Meeting of the technology partners

IFF technology partners such as Intel, SUSE, IONOS, Dell and Sopra Steria came together in Bad Wörishofen as part of a strategic planning workshop: Among other things, the current status of the open source networking solution IndustryFusion and its further development roadmap were presented. On this basis, a first enterprise version IndustryFusion-X is to be developed in the coming months, which will pave the way for the commercial use of IndustryFusion for small and medium-sized companies.


"At our meeting, we discussed the requirements that need to be met in order for IndustryFusion to be used by end customers in the field in an initial enterprise version as soon as possible - after all, this is one of the central goals of our foundation," explains Igor Mikulina, Chairman of the IndustryFusion Foundation Board. "Our technology partners are all highly motivated and we have now jointly launched a process with the workshop, the results of which we will present at our IFF Open Source Summit 2024 on May 16 in Bad Wörishofen."


The IndustryFusion Foundation invites you to the Open Source Summit 2024 on Thursday, May 16, where you can experience the new release of the open source networking solution IndustryFusion-X (IF-X) with integrated Intel Process Data Twin live. This will already provide the most important foundations for the market launch of the first IndustryFusion Enterprise versions.