IndustryFusion Foundation involved in research project 26JAN

IndustryFusion Foundation involved in research project "FORSocialRobots"

IFF partner MicroStep Europa is involved in the research project "FORSocialRobots - Social Skills for Automated Systems and Robots" on behalf of the foundation. The project is scheduled to run for three years (01.01.2024 - 31.12.2026) and consists of a network of scientific and industrial partners.


Sub-project 4 of the research project deals with the "Mapping of social skills in the digital twin". The IndustryFusion Foundation is involved here and is providing both its expertise in the metalworking process chain and the premises of the new Industry 4.0 demo factory (DemoLab). The IndustryFusion Foundation welcomed Ludwig Vogt and Raoul Zebisch (both research assistants at the Chair of Production Informatics at the University of Augsburg), who are also involved in the project, for a tour.


The aim of this sub-project is to create a digital twin of the DemoLab, which enables the metalworking process chain (material store à cutting system à deburring machine à press brake) to be mapped in virtual space (metaspace). A robot is to be used for transportation and material handling between the individual stations of the process chain, which will also be mapped in the DemoLab's digital twin. In addition, the robot's social skills are to be displayed in the metaspace.