Highly innovative storage and logistics systems 21FEB

Highly innovative storage and logistics systems

Michael Stuff, sales representative at BÖCKELT GmbH, on the digital transformation in the warehouse & logistics sector and Böckelt's innovative solutions.

What significance does the ongoing digitalization have for Böckelt GmbH, Mr Stuff?

Michael Stuff: The entire metal industry must position itself for the future and is faced with the task of implementing the comprehensive digitalization of data and processes. This advancing digitalization also has an impact on logistics and brings with it new challenges and increasing requirements. Our customers, metal processing companies, have to store both raw materials and semi-finished parts, assemblies and products ready for dispatch. The racking systems and sheet metal storage systems used must allow for the fast, flexible storage and retrieval of raw materials and workpieces while ensuring an overview of stock levels. This is where our smart sheet metal storage systems come into play.


They offer innovative solutions in the field of intelligent storage and logistics systems. What is unique about Böckelt's smart storage solutions?

With our BÖCKELT TOWER®, we offer a smart sheet metal and metal storage system which, in combination with specially developed management software, simplifies warehouse logistics. The intelligent system helps to control the entire production process, from warehousing, the supply of raw sheets and intermediate storage through to the finished product. The storage towers can be placed in all production areas of a company and always remain networked with each other, even across buildings. Material tracking is guaranteed at all times.


The BÖCKELT TOWER® management software used is compatible with all warehouse management programs already in use in companies via open interfaces. The system itself is available as a sheet metal storage system, long goods racking, heavy-duty racking, cassette racking, shuttle tower and universal storage system and can also be upgraded to full automation. Here we cooperate with experienced partner companies. In addition, thanks to its modular design, our storage and logistics system grows in line with the company's development and offers maximum flexibility. The BÖCKELT TOWER® thus forms the basis for the successful digitalization of the metalworking industry.


How does Böckelt GmbH see the future of Industry 4.0 in the next three years?

In the next three years, sheet metal processing will continue to be influenced by the advances of Industry 4.0. We are likely to see an increased integration of digital technologies such as IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning in sheet metal working processes. This will lead to improved automation, efficiency and quality. In addition, advanced data analytics could help to optimize production processes, reduce downtime and enable predictive maintenance. The digital networking of machines and systems will enable companies to react more flexibly to customer requirements and manufacture individual products with high precision and speed. Böckelt GmbH has already been able to establish itself as a dynamic company on the market in the past and will continue to respond to market requirements with the appropriate experts in the future.