Green SmartFactory 4.0: Participants launch bundle offer on the market 3MAR

Green SmartFactory 4.0: Participants launch bundle offer on the market

The latest fine plasma power source from Kjellberg, the latest filter system from TEKA and the latest gantry cutting system from MicroStep: all three have recently been offered together in a bundle - what all three have in common is that they are prepared for use with IndustryFusion and are therefore promoted under the label of Green SmartFactory 4.0.

Green SmartFactory 4.0 is the lighthouse project of the Industry Business Network 4.0, in which digitization and interoperable networking are implemented concretely across manufacturers with IndustryFusion and new business cases are built up. Now, three participants in the project have launched a special bundle on the market: MicroStep is offering its new PL Compact gantry cutting system together with the new AirCube filter system from TEKA and the Q 1500 plasma power source from Kjellberg. All three are marketed under the label "Green SmartFactory 4.0", which stands for the fact that the individual components are prepared for use with IndustryFusion - the cross-manufacturer open-source networking solution for smart factories and smart products.

"For users, the bundle is the ideal entry into the world of cross-vendor networked manufacturing," says Igor Mikulina, Chairman of the Industry Business Network 4.0 and President of the IndustryFusion Foundation. Project manager Dr. Konstantin Kernschmidt adds: "In principle, all three plants already work together perfectly on the machine level alone - but with IndustryFusion and digital networking, the user receives additional added value." This starts with the transparency of all plants connected with IndustryFusion, on the basis of which, for example, an optimization of the manufacturing KPIs can be carried out. Information such as machine statuses, error messages or upcoming maintenance requirements are thus made available centrally for all machines and plants connected to IndustryFusion. And that is just the beginning: "IndustryFusion will develop into an ecosystem that enables the entry into disruptive business models such as production sharing or pay per use - users in particular will benefit immensely from this," says Dr. Konstantin Kernschmidt. Existing equipment that is already in use in production can also be integrated into the system relatively easily.

The bundle from MicroStep, Kjellberg and TEKA is just a first step, other manufacturers are already working intensively to make their products networkable with IndustryFusion: "All manufacturers who are actively involved in our association as part of our lighthouse project are explicitly invited to also participate and bring corresponding offers to the market under the label of Green SmartFactory 4.0," says Igor Mikulina.

Currently, the following companies are actively participating in the association's Green SmartFactory 4.0 project:

  • ARKU (deburring and straightening machines)
  • Eckelmann (control and drive systems)
  • Guttroff (gases and robotic solutions)
  • Ibeda (gas supply)
  • Kemppi (welding equipment)
  • Lissmac (grinding and deburring machines)
  • Novus air (suction and filter technology)
  • Kjellberg (plasma cutting technology)
  • TEKA (suction and filter technology)
  • MicroStep (cutting systems)