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Work and resource management

An integrated, anticipatory management of existing resources is regarded as a key success factor for the companies. Stringent capacity planning is a prerequisite for the optimal utilization of personnel and material resources within the framework of production. Specifically, it is about efficient use and ideal utilization of production factors: So the optimization of the temporal and spatial disposition of manpower, machines and tools.


Selected benefits of resource planning and resource management:

  • Free resources and production capacity can be quickly identified

  • Transparency about what resources are to be used and when

  • Better responsiveness to any necessary rescheduling of resources (for example due to changes in order situation, due to illness or due to unforeseen machine failures)

  • Monitor the utilization of personnel resources to prevent overloading


Industry 4.0 opens with the concept of a Smart Factory – in which all production factors are seamlessly networked – the manufacturing industry has enormous potential: In the future, the physical environment can be measured, understood and managed in real time with modern technology. The data necessary for an optimization no longer has to be collected manually, but is directly available for further analysis in the context of a cross-vendor networked production – for example in an ERP or MES system (enterprise resource planning or manufacturing execution system).