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Supply chain

Existing supply and logistics chains in and between companies are currently facing a variety of changes. Changing customer needs, faster innovation cycles and condensed information flows through modern IT systems are some examples of multi-layered change drivers that companies have to ask themselves to be able to continue to operate successfully on the market. In addition to digitizing and optimizing production, intelligent supply chains are a key element in mastering these challenges. The intelligent networking of information and the physical transport of the required resources enables better capacity utilization and a reduction of delivery times for the customer.


Selected benefits of intelligent supply chain management:

  • Automatic supply of required materials, components and energy
  • Integration of different suppliers and service providers
  • Closer networking with customers and improved information flow
  • Increasing the availability of machinery and equipment
  • Optimization of throughput times and the entire value chain
  • Reduction of cost-intensive safety stocks


In Industry 4.0, existing supply and value chains are becoming supply and value creation networks in which the required information is exchanged between the partners involved. By integrating suppliers, production, logistics and customers, a transparent flow of communication can be created that meets changing needs and enables more flexible production. The processes will continue to change (e.g. to smaller, decentralized production and logistics locations) and to the increasing speed. An important prerequisite for this is the trust for an intensive cooperation between the partners involved in the intelligent supply chain.