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Thematic and working groups

The core of the Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V. are the working groups, which differentiate themselves thematically via value-added fields. Here, the general solution space is defined by the members of the association. In a second step, concrete, cross-vendor solutions will be developed that will be offered to users in the future as part of a networked manufacturing process. For these specific solutions, working groups define data that are relevant to the respective functionalities and that must be made available by the plants involved in the process. In this way, as many concrete manufacturer-spanning solutions as possible should be defined in the dynamically developing association.


Project group reference plants

Another pillar of the association is the project group reference plants: Here, the solutions developed by the thematic and working groups are to be implemented and realized across manufacturers. In the medium term, reference plants will be built at several locations in parallel and also in different manufacturer constellations.


Project group standard/examination

The implementation of the reference plants is accompanied by the project group standard/examination – here the association works closely together with the TÜV Süd, the Fraunhofer IGCV, the University of Augsburg and the Munich University of Applied Sciences, when it comes to the implemented solutions in terms of interoperability, safety and security check and optimize if necessary.


Project Group Academy & other project groups

What is the best solution if no one knows about it or can make it usable for itself? Therefore, the association has launched the project group IBN Academy, which, among other things, develops a concept of how manufacturers, who want to join the association in the future, can rapidly catch up on the knowledge advantage that has been developed up to that point. In addition, the project group is considering which structures and formats must be created to train both users and multipliers. Other project groups on the subject of association marketing, new business fields or regional associations representations are already in the starting blocks.


Steering Board

In order to ensure that the association achieves sound results as smoothly as possible, the Steering Board continuously evaluates the process and the results of the thematical groups, working groups and project groups that are recruited from the current members of the Management Board of Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V.