In future, the IF4.0 standard will allow the information of plants, devices and components of different producers to be used in a Smart Factory, without having to bear the high implementation costs of customer-specific networking. The IF4.0 standard uses IndustryFusion 4.0 technology for implementation.

The IndustryFusion 4.0 technology creates the basis for the networking of machines, plants and components in a Smart Factory, guarantees the globally unique identification of assets required for the Industry 4.0 and implements the IF4.0 standard on specific hardware and software technological components.

The IndustryFusion 4.0 technology thus offers numerous advantages for implementation:


  • Based on current standards and guidelines for Industry 4.0 – such as OPC UA or RAMI 4.0 (DIN SPEC 91345) – and provides a specific implementation for networking
  • Focusses the category- and producer-independent interoperability based on the IF4.0 standard
  • Features a modular design and can be upgraded as requirements are increased
  • Allows a configuration of the Smart Factory in accordance with local situations and creates transparency
  • Focusses the central themes "unique identification" and "verifiability of data“ as an essential foundation for safety and security
  • Guarantees data sovereignty for the user of a Smart Factory, as well as for the producer of machines, plants and components


Furthermore, the IndustryFusion 4.0 technology allows the upgrading of existing plants, devices and components, thus making their information available in the IF4.0 standard of the Smart Factory.